Kanata Badminton Club Executive

We have a fantastic group of hard-working club leaders that ensure the club runs smoothly and encourages fun.

The KBC Executive Committee Members are:

  • President                                               Bruce Liao
  • Past President                                      Fangming Jiang
  • Vice President                                      Jianning Liu
  • Secretary                                               Jenny Huang
  • Treasurer                                               Jianguo Zhou
  • Social Events                                        Lucy Palmieri
  • Equipment                                             Daoxing Chen
  • Director-at-large                                   Guogang Gao
  • Skills Assessment & Tournaments   Kevin Willington

Kanata Badminton Club Email: birdiesmashers@ gmail.com

The KBC Executive members have a purple dot on their name tag to help identify them on game nights.