Player Board System

To organize play, KBC uses a system where a name tag for every player has an assigned dot colour indicating skill.  When you arrive at the start of the evening take your name tag from the storage board and put it at the bottom of the waiting list. When you are finished playing for the evening, return your name tag to the storage board.

During the evening, the player whose tag is at the top of the waiting player list chooses three (3) additional players from within the next 5 names on the list. This group of 4 tags is then moved to the “Court Waiting” list. It is best to select 4 players at the same rating level, or two players each from adjacent rating levels to get a well balanced game which can be enjoyed by all players.

If the person whose name tag is at the top of the waiting list or among the 5 names to be chosen from does not wish to form a foursome from the following 5 players, he/she may only move his/her own name tag to the bottom of the waiting list before a foursome is formed. Once a foursome team is formed, no move or exchange is permitted without consent from all involved parties.

At any time during the evening, a player may move his/her own name tag to the bottom of the player list, or may temporarily remove their tag from the playing board for a period of time.

The Club Executive reserves the right to limit persons moving tags on the board to minimize confusion. The Executive also reserves the right to make the foursome selections during the first hour of play.

Reminder: PLAY SHOULD NOT START UNTIL ALL THE COURTS AND PLAYERS’ BOARD ARE SET UP! Members setting up the court(s) are allowed to play first – their names have first priority on the players’ board.