Skill Rating Guidelines

Beginner (Green Dot)

  • able to perform basic doubles serve regularly (60% success rate)
  • able to clear half-court regularly
  • basic knowledge of the game & can keep score

Intermediate (Yellow Dot)

  • able to perform doubles serve consistently (80% success rate)
  • basic execution of the Drive, Drop, Lift, Smash, and 2/3 court Forehand Clear
  • basic grasp of strategies & tactics including side to side and front/back court rotation

Advanced (Red Dot)

  • serve consistently, with directional variety, and sometimes with deception
  • hit consistently forehand full court, and regularly 2/3 court backhand
  • strong knowledge & execution of Drives, Drops, Smashes and Defensive Lifts
  • strong grasp of strategies/tactics and court coverage by displaying:
  • good rotation between defensive sides & attacking front/back positioning
  • forehand clearing strokes on the backhand side (around the head shots)
  • strong court coverage and footwork technique including the Chasse
  • good racquet control and knowing who-gets-what shot selections

Expert (Blue Dot)

  • all Red Dot skills
  • advanced strategy and tactics
  • most advanced players in the club